ReBirth Pro Cedar Barrel Sauna-Iceland
ReBirth Pro Cedar Barrel Sauna-Iceland



ReBirth Pro Cedar Barrel Sauna-Iceland


The ReBirth Pro Cedar Barrel Sauna-Iceland is an all-new luxurious sauna that is designed to take your body experience to a whole new level.

It is a luxury sauna that will help you achieve the perfect balance between relaxation and detoxification.

The ReBirth Pro Cedar Barrel Sauna offers you the opportunity to enter into a world of total relaxation, where your body is totally revitalized and purified.


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ReBirth Pro Cedar Barrel Sauna-Iceland Features:

Healing Cedar

The natural healing properties of cedar will improve mental and physical well-being. Throughout history they have been used for their cleansing effect, restoring and soothing your body and soul.

Independent Usage

You will not need assistance from friends or family to operate or enjoy the Cedar barrels because there is a latch on the inside that will keep the barrel closed while in operation.

3-4 Levels of Seat Leverage

All of our Cedar barrels come with a custom adjustable seat for optimum comfort for the individual’s height. They are flexible enough to be enjoyed by young children and adults.

Hermetic Seal

The Cedar Barrel is crafted with perfection. You won’t feel steam around the outside of the Cedar barrel, only on the inside.

Protections from Corrosion

Our products are made with stainless steel. This material was chosen specifically so you won’t have to worry about corrosion when using the cedar barrel frequently over time.

Comfortable Step

Designed to maximize comfort and minimize effort, our Cedar barrels include a comfortable step for easy entrance and exit.

ReBirth Pro Cedar Barrel Sauna-Iceland Includes:

• Material – Organic Cedar Wood

• Steam Generator – Professional Steam Generator

• Steam Generator Material – Stainless Steel

• Height –  51 in/4.3 ft/130 cm

• Width –  30.5 in/2.65 ft/78 cm

• Length – 41 in/3.5 ft/104 cm

• Wall Thickness – 1.5 in

• 1-Year Warranty

Additional information

Dimensions104 × 78 × 130 cm

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